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Whether it's a beautiful palatial hotel in Shimla or the cheap motel at the side of the highway, there's something predominantly sexy about getting a hotel room. I mean, who books a hotel room as a couple and doesn't have sex? It's pretty much unspoken. Even science has spoken off, why it feels so damn good.
AOL Travel, citing 'researchers,' claim, that that sex in a hotel gives you a dash of dopamine, not unlike to popping a drug or throwing back some booze.
1. Before entering your lavish hotel room, you get ample of time for some foreplay!
Means nobody minds little foreplay before the action, as it always accelerates the fun. If you are driving all the way to the hotel, you can kiss each other in the car or embrace each moment of being together. You can get flirty in the lobby, the elevator, and the hallway before entering your room. The lift is the best place of all if you have some time alone.
2. Get creative, now you have all the space and big pillows.
Have you heard of great pillow sex? If you haven’t then a hotel is the best place to try some, as it has, everything in plenty with a bouncy mattress to cozy sofas. Use these surfaces for teasing and making out. Plus the washroom of the hotel is an add –on in case it has a big bath tub!
3. Room Service is the best to pamper both of you after a great sex.
Oh! What a bliss it is to be surrounded by a mini- bar full of beverages, 24 hours room service, watching a little television and bask in the glow of your post-orgasm trance. Fear not if you picked up someone at the bar and this feels a little too warm. The next benefit of hotel room sex is one of the best of them all.
4. You can plan a wild-sex session, as you don’t have nagging neighbors around!
If you or your partners are LOUD during sex, you feel comfier cutting loose in a hotel room. Once more, if you get a first-class room, the walls will be solid and many of them are made with boards that are soundproof. There is nothing more liberating and hotter than vocalizing your enjoyment during sex.
5. It gives you a feeling of being all alone and that’s liberating!
When Adam and Eve were alone on earth, they created the whole damn civilization. We are not comparing you to them, but by booking a lavish hotel you can actually have a little time alone, you always desired.
Whether it's the clean sheets, being treated like an emperor by staff (ideally), or simply the feeling of being on holiday, even if you're not, hotels give you a high and set you free!
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