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Everyone wants to play safe when it comes to being hooked up through popular online site Tinder! Good for all. But does it freaks you out that the whole world has suddenly turned into travellers and passion followers, means how can we all have almost same instincts? If you are not convinced enough let me put forward some common words which (I am sure), you will find in almost 90% of Tinder bio’s-
Note: If you don’t like the whole idea of Tinder, please refrain from reading further!
1. Good listener
2. Sapiosexual
3. Wanderlust
4. Caffeine-aholic
5. "I'm just here for friendship"
6. Believes in living life king size
7. Prefers intellectual conversations
8. Dog Lover
9. Not here for hook ups
10. You could be my Tinderella
Sounds pretty cool, right? Yeah, we’re pretty stoked about it!
You are here to score dream dates, we understand that but kindly do not end up making a fool of yourself! Otherwise, at last you will end up, with just this -
Help you, help us!
Abstain yourself from using these ‘ too cheese’ and ‘ common’ words, in fact if you really want to make an impact then just use a nice profile pic ( multiple pic and make sure you look the same in all of them!) with a clear photo. Write a ‘REAL-YOU’ wala bio. Mention your place accurately so it increases the distance proximity settings to maximum and yeah don’t forget to connect your account to your your Instagram too. Still by being original, you will actually stand out. DO NOT GOOGLE TINDER BIOS, please.
In a time in human history in which we're trying to shed restraining individuality labels, it seems counterproductive to add these words to your dating profile. And f*ck it, who cares you are Wonder-ho-lic on your first date and don’t pressure both of your to be brilliant at all times.
All is done! You are going to rock on Tinder finally! Yeahhh!
Designed By Vikas Kakkar
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