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You will feel amazed to know, but 60 percent of people are fans of lights-on sex, while the remaining 40 percent like getting it on with the lights off, according to a recent poll from Osram Sylvania. So have you figured out yet which side so you fall on? Each one of them has its perks and downfalls-
Visual stimulation is an important part of intimacy.
Verbal assistance is great for foreplay. What's even better is some visual coaching. Don't be afraid to show him around your lady garden. On the other hand, if you want to experience blindfolded sex, this can be your heaven!
When you take control by putting the spotlight on your sex life, you'll feel empowered, turned on, and eager to take yourself to O-town.Kudos for that great sex!
Great sex means winking at each other and its enough to know what that means and what comes next.
Let's be real, sex is great both the ways. That doesn't mean they don't both have their reward and possible drawbacks! Prize your partner’s uniqueness, continue to court them, and shower them with romance.
Designed By Vikas Kakkar
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