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Besides entertainment, films play a vibrant role in our society. When it comes to war genre movies, we get familiarized with the heroic actions of the soldiers portrayed in those films. These films are usually based on the true stories and viewers also get informed about those tragedies that happened in the history. There are a number of movies which have done justice with the veteran soldiers portraying their heroic tales during the battle and showing them on the big screen.
For your understanding, we believed that it would be interesting to demonstrate the comparison between the actual soldiers and the actors who have played their roles in films.
Take a look:
1. Sean Connery as General Roy Urquhart in “A bridge too far”
2. Tom Berenger as Col. Teddy Roosevelt in "The Rough Riders”
3. Bob Hoskins as Nikita Khruschev in “Enemy at the Gates”
4. Jeff Daniels as Colonel Joshua Chamberlain in “Gettysburg”
5. Mel Gibson as Col. Harold G. Moore in the 2002 film "We Were Soldiers”
6. Alec Baldwin as Jimmy Doolittle in “Pearl Harbor”
7. James Mason as Irwin Rommel in "The Desert Fox"
8. Ralph Fiennes as Amon Goeth in "Schindler’s List"
9. Tom Cruise as Claus Von Stauffenberg in "Valkyrie"
10. Tom Cruise as Ron Kovic in “Born on the 4th of July”
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