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In many love stories, I read that Love comes to you suddenly, but I never believed it until I fell in love with my best friend with whom I had spent my 4 years college life and never thought of it.
From my first day in college to my 4th semester we were stuck together in every situation. Our friends thought that we were couples. They even asked about it and we used to smile and replied that we are just friends.
I searched for the hottest girl in our college and he searched for the best guy who can handle my temper. We dated many but all of them were rejected for silly reasons. After rejecting we discussed that what kind of partner we need. How silly I was.
From trekking to an adventurous night out, smoking to drinking he was my best buddy at whom I can depend and trust blindly. But love…
On the last session of our 4th semester, he started dating a girl and finally proposed her. I was happy to know that finally, he is in a relationship…but the fear of losing him was also inside my heart. Our hangout time decreased as he had to meet his GF. It was tough for me because before his relationship he was always there for me, I was his priority and now…but I was not jealous…I understood that time changes and it’s time to let him go.
But I started missing him...missing him badly. I could not concentrate on study or anything. It was like I just need him. And it was not only from my side…
One day he told me he is missing me like hell and his GF is dominating him for everything, she wants to control him and didn’t let him talk to his friends and really can’t understand him.
We both kept silent after this conversation and that moment was enough for us to understand that we need each other not for this situation but for a lifetime. We were a support system, guide, adviser, fun each other. We were best friends and didn’t have to say ‘I Love You’ to each other we both understood our silence.
The best relationships start off as friendships!
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