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Someone quoted “Every bachelor should be heavily taxed. It is not fair that some men should be happier than others”, and he was so right.
Every bachelor day may start with a fine breakfast, a flat lunch, and a wretched dinner but that’s the beauty of it. One should always embrace the true beauty of because of ample reasons!
1. You can gawk at opposite sex with open mouth minus any regrets!
Flirting is allowed and you don’t have to feel like a culpable, for doing it. Admit it!
2.You’re the boss of your own oh-so-valuable time.
You are not forced to watch hopelessly romantic movies; you can shun the world and put action movies like Mad Max or The Dark Knight on loop!
3. You have the liberty to spend your money foolishly!
A bachelor has no one to tell him he can't buy that latest PS3 or Bugatti! You can live an amazingly selfish life, where you have to care just about your desires and nobody else's. This means all your time and money is yours.
4. A bachelor can live life like a pig, and there is no one to finger-point at him!
You can throw all those wild parties; you have been planning from days. No one is there to cut your guest list and order tubs of beer or get high on some good maal! Who cares!
5. Bachelorhood comes with an assuredly of being successfully and loving it!
What do Da Vinci, Newton, Beethoven, Van Gogh, Ratan Tata, Salman Khan and the illusory Sherlock Holmes have in common? They were/are all bachelors who have been/ are hugely flourishing in their proficient fields.
6. That last slice of pizza is yours. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.
In addition, all the desserts and beer pints belong to you and only you! No sharing and no worries of caring because you are your own world!
A final bonus ( if, you are still not convinced)!
A bachelor gets to die younger than his wedded friends. It is proven married men live longer than bachelors. So bachelors, live it up while you are still alive and kickin!
These are just some of the advantages of embracing bachelorhood, but it’s enough to prove the point that it is precious and should be cherished. So, how are you celebrating today, let us know?
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