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Believe me, I am in love with food since my childhood and still, it has not worn out! Food is all the romance and care you need in your life.
Having a bad day? Well, delicious biryani can fix it!
Going through break up? Indulge in some Death by Chocolate!
Want to celebrate your ex’s break up? Let’s drink up with some cheesy pizza by your side!
Why your heart skips a beat every time you see pancakes topped with honey?
Or you still dreaming of some pakoras with mint chutney? Yummy!
Do you remember when these delectable momos used to make your winters warm!
This irresistible kadhai chicken will satisfy your soul.
It’s raining burgers here!!
This hot steamy noodles will give warmth to your soul
But nothing beats warm coffee with fresh milk!
But you will always fall for some old good ol' breakfast eggs and bacon...
Food, yes, with its comforting hugs and loving eyes (Urm?) nevertheless, point is, I am in head over heel over food and I think everyone else also needs to direct their energies towards loving food because sincerely, it can save us all. Check these GIFs out, and if they don't put your feeling at peace, I don't know, go see a doc.
P.S: If you're in Delhi, you can fix your hunger up.
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