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Good looks.Good charm. Bad sex
I’m sure a lot of us must have wondered, “Do I SUCK in bed?” at some point or another in their life. Relax. It’s normal. We all want to be the sex kitten or hero on bed. But the truth is- you may not be as good as you think you are. Signs of being bad in bed are quite less, and yet it’s obvious. But, recognizing the signs is quite essential.
You are a charmer, but a reality check never hurts! Women desire for many things, some of them you learn over the time and master it. So, here are 7 signs, which are actually ruining your sex life-
Your partner is not warmed up and you are already accelerating for sex, then there is a problem. It very important for both of you to be on the same page.
Many of your problems are deep rooted in communications. You are a hero on the bed still suck discussing it then kindly change because it really makes a lot of difference.
Yes, orgasm-equality is wonderful and essential, and it's great that millennial are so much more conscious of it than earlier generations. But there are plenty of reasons someone may not be able to reach. Don’t be too orgy-focus and enjoy the flow!
Do new things scare you off? Then kindly change your attitude because experimentation keeps the spark alive. It is not necessary, to reach for the moon every time you indulge but keeping an open mind doesn’t hurt either.
You turn cold turkey just after having sex, then there is a problem. Your lady needs to be hugged and kissed after a long session of lovemaking.
If your girl is not reaching climax lately and she been complaining about it, kindly pay a heed. Because it is important for both of you to take pleasure in making out and enjoy the moments.
Nobody likes a 'whiskey dick'. Keep in mind, neither drink and drive nor drunk in sex sounds cool! If you have a habit of getting high and enjoying sex every time, then change it as soon as possible!
A wise person once said, “Sex is like pizza: even when it's not the best, it's still pretty damn good.” So enjoy every bit of it!
Designed By Vikas Kakkar
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