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Instagram, Facebook, Snap chat..get a life!
And by life, I don’t mean showcasing our life in the most sweeten way possible. Open any social media account of your friend all you will see, is their sugar-coated photos doing the rounds, with fake stories and a heap of likes.
Actually, we should stop taking pictures of these 7 things, right on-
Com’on don't tell me you can you actually see real faces in the dark pubs and bars? They are just smiling drunk people trying to make best out of weekends!
Gone are the days when food was gulped as soon as it hit the dining table but today people take out their phone, before using their forks! It’s an agony that photos have taken place of well treasured memories.
You pay a lot to book vacations and let your soul relish the tranquillity of mountains and seas But don’t start shooting as soon as you land there, take a breath and try to live the moment for once.
I mean, recent Justin Beiber concert has shaken my faith in humanity. There is 0 possibility that any one made out without clicking a single picture.
Means kisses are to be slow and enjoyed. Who told one need to kiss perfectly to click a picture so adorable, so that your Instagram account climbs new heights!?
Now you are acting like a douche bag, you got a new car. Fine. Why are we supposed to clap everything you push your accelerator? Peace man!
These people should be literally honored with great accolades. These are the lucky people who are the brain child behind the favorite joke- Neil Armstrong went to the moon, took a 1-2 picture, these people go to the loo and comes with 150 picture!
Sometimes we are so engrossed in making the moments special, that we forget the true bliss of it!
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