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Undies are every girl’s secret, which she keeps only to herself, and the guy she’s sleeping with. It’s like a hush-hush identity she hides under her garments, a part of her womanly charisma she keeps tucked away from the eyes of the general public.
But a lady’s preference of panties has a lot to do with her personality. What a woman chooses to don as undies say a lot about her individuality. Whether she aims for comfort to sexy or cotton to lace, every girl’s panty favorites hint a lot of insight into the woman she is.
Whether she’s confident or a lazy-ass kind of woman, you can bet her panties mirror her individual mantras as well as her dreams.
So, men if you want to know your women’s secrets, here it is-
You are a badass who loves sports and nails riding a bike but the Brownie point is- YOU ARE BORN WITH GREAT BUTT! Nothing looks rather as lovely as a pair of ass cheeks hanging out the rear of a pair of seducer boy shorts.
Now here comes our bad bitch. You have to agree on this point unarguably. You take no sh*t from anybody. You grasp your own in every liaison and are never scared to speak your mind.
The hot lady is in town! You’re a sexually-free woman who dances to the thump of her own beat. You take pleasure in the company of men more than you do women, having always found more ease in the male species as guys make you feel relieved.
For the little kid in all of us. Going against the grain is your key mantra in life, and your colorful, creative undies help you keep to it. Often called a sweetheart of the group, your shine with your radiant energy.
Honestly, you know where and how to reach. You're beyond confident and your humane side is infectious. People often call you headstrong but you can take it as a compliment.
Here comes a super chill woman, who would fairly spend her time doing important stuff than doing senseless bullsh*t for The Man. You want to be dance through the starry nights in music festivals, and gossiping around the office is definitely not your thing. You don’t have time or endurance for other people’s sh*t.
A woman who just gives zero f*cks about what anyone thinks about your underwear choices because she is so comfortable in her own skin.
You live life with so much zeal, and you find the infinite beauty in every single thing. People have a high regard for your beaming optimistic energy.
You’re a problem-solver who’d rather spend her time basking the sunshine than lamenting about sun burns. Cheers for the hell of a person inside you!
She knows exactly what she wants from her life. A genuine person and angel by heart, she may be a globetrotter but she knows to hold her horses.
If you want to know your man secrets, then we have some exclusive scoop for you!
Designed By Vikas Kakkar
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