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I believe in MAGICAL BIG LOVE, but where in the world would you find all happy ending love stories?
Dear soul mate/ Ex
Hope you are doing great things with your life!
We are not lobsters, who are meant to live and die together, but we did share a good time of our life, and it would be cherished forever.
Let me clear some notion- what SOULMATE actually means?
If we ask this question to ourselves, we all will come up with definition depending on our belief system. I believe soul mates are special creatures we’ve been connected since the beginning of time.
People that flow in and out of this massive interrelated web, that is an assortment of our many lives. Souls harmonized flawlessly with ours to shape the best out of us. Our soul mate or mates aren’t always supposed to be our lovers. I think this is really important for all of us to realize.
I believe soul mates exist and they will show up in each life when you need them badly. They come to set you in motion, challenge you, make you realize your shit, wake you up and push you with a bold face.
And here’s what the fairytales won’t tell you – at times we meet the love (read soul mates) of our lives, but we do not get to keep them.
It's a love so chaste and so strong, it consumes you; an everlasting state of comforting assurance that everything will be all right.
They come in our life and form some strong bonds, which are deeper than your one true love, they are unexplainable, and they are ahead of what words can describe.
Losing your soul mate can leave you shattered but there is life after it too!
Letting go of a soul mate can be the hardest things you’ll ever do. After all, letting go means you’re willingly ignoring someone who brings you incomparable joy. You share your wildest fantasies to deep secrets with this person, and the thought of not walking by his side can literally crush you.
Forgetting routines and moments is hard. Forgetting how to get through a day without being a part of this person is hard. Forcing yourself to consider that the other person has his or her life and for his greater good,and you need to let him lose can be crushing.
From this point on, your lives will run parallel like train tracks, but will no longer unite. Accepting that isn’t easy. This is the hardest part because, even though this realization and in spite of ending it, the love is still buried deep in your heart. It leaves you wondering, “What about the love, you had created brick by brick, will it dismantle in one night?”
Despite what you may consider, losing a soul mate will truly rouse your soul.
At last, you will feel blessed to experience such a beautiful bond in your life; a cherished touch which will give you immense power. Not many people in this world get to live the kind of love you have for each other.
The person will always hold a big share of your heart.
Your Soul mate
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